An explosive pink party with flavor. Its sparkling personality enhances any situation, making it unique and pleasurable. Be it during an aperitif or during a dinner, B-Lush attracts everyone with the typical joy of a rosé.


This wine represents a project to enhance the most cultivated grape variety with roots in the Rubicone area of Emilia Romagna, Sangiovese.. Traces of this grape date back to 600; it is said that the name derives from the Latin Sanguis Jovis, or blood of Jupiter.

Blush Wine

The Sangiovese grapes are harvested around the first ten days of September, to then undergo a destemming and light pressing. The must is left in contact with the skins for a few hours, just what is necessary to give the rosé color to the wine . It ferments at low temperatures, and then goes to autoclave for the second fermentation. This is followed by filtration and bottling under an inert gas head, ensuring the maintenance of the perlage and the aromatic profile.

Tasting notes

B-Lush appears cherry pink with bright reflections; the nose hasfresh and floral notes with fruity hints reminiscent of cherry, blackcurrant and red apple. On the palate it emerges fresh and fruity, the mouthfeel is very enjoyable with good acidity and a very fine perlage that lengthens its pleasantness.


Pour it and enjoy it as you wish! B-Lush is the protagonist of every season because pink goes well with everything.
Find out how to serve B-Lush and what to pair it with, both in winter and in summer.

And now the news: the season for last minute apologies for not going out has begun. Stock up on B-Lush, open up Netflix and put your smartphone on silent.

Tonight is all about... rosé. A lengthy aperitif of B-Lush served with a light breeze. And suddenly it's the evening!

B-Lush is the official drink of aperitifs on the terrace, pool parties and cocktails on the beach. If you are invited (or invite yourself) always bring a B-Lush!

Work, home. Start the gym again. Sunsets exploding in incredible colors. Time 19.30. "Everyone at mine?". B-Lush, risotto (with mushrooms) and voila! Dinner is served.

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